Playing Catch-Up

Well, well, well… here we are again. How time does fly when you’re having fun! The last several months have definitely flown by, but we have had a lot of fun! We added a member to our family last August… Yep, we are now the proud parents of a darling little black Labrador Retriever. We named him Tank. He was the most adorable little bundle of fur you have ever seen, eight months ago. Now he is my monstrous, obnoxious, snuggling, enthusiastic, cookie stealing, pancake loving running buddy. Yes, he gets his own pancake on Sunday mornings, minus the syrup of course. He has now out-grown two beds, three collars and one kennel… and eaten more 40lb bags of puppy food than I can count.

Tank, when we brought him home at 8 weeks old.

I always thought my friends and family were partially crazy for how they spoiled their dogs. Never say never, my friends. Tank has become the main focus of most of my instagram posts and many of my facebook posts. I really try not to post a photo of him everyday, but he’s just so darn handsome! His puppy eyes get him out of a lot of trouble, and I do mean A LOT! He has also become a great running buddy and excellent personal trainer. He pushed me (or dragged me) to some of my personal best times this spring and let’s face it, who will mess with a girl running with a 75 pound monster dog?

We have been working steadily on our house. Finally finished the yard, or almost had before Tank ate our landscaping. I guess I was planning on everything dying this winter anyway. I have heard it takes two years to really settle into a new home and we are on track to follow that trend. My goal was a year but we are closer to my vision than ever.

The great room is definitely my favorite and of course where we spend most of our time. I’m still holding out for Dustin to shoot an elk to hang on the big blank wall above the TV. However, I’m not quite ready for the cost of the trip that would produce such decor! Maybe that blank wall doesn’t bother me quite so much after all.

We invested in new bedroom furniture, which fills our master bedroom much better than our tiny queen size bed did. I’m still working on my vision for wall decor. That’s the problem with being obsessive compulsive, everything must match the vision.


As crazy as things have been around La Casita Hightower, they are about to get a lot busier. Tank’s most recent announcement will keep us all running like crazy until November.


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