Texas Wild Flowers

2011 brought the worst drought in history to Texas. There was no significant amount of rain for almost an entire year. I don’t have to tell most of you this, you lived it just like I did. Many feared it was just the beginning of another drought similar to those of the 1930s and 50s.

Being raised around agriculture and now working in the ag industry, this was a scary scenario. I’m not naive enough to think that we are completely out of the woods on this drought, but things are definitely looking up. We received a couple of good snows and several inches of rain in the past few months and it shows across Texas.

A few weeks ago Dustin and I traveled to Seymour, Texas, to spend some time on the family place. Unlike last summer, everything was green and beautiful.  It was a little early for the bluebonnets, but the rest of the wild flowers were out in full force.

Beautiful Pastures

Beautiful green pastures.


Spraying and fires last summer killed most of the brush, but made room for more wildflowers.

What is so interesting to me about wildflowers is different years and different conditions, bring different flowers. Three years ago Seymour was covered in Indian Blankets and of course bluebonnets. Most I do not know the names of, but this year brought some flowers I had never seen.

My favorite were these purple flowers. They look almost like purple bluebonnets and they smell like grape koolaid! Not just a little bit either, entire fields smelled of grape koolaid. Dustin’s grandmother called them Buffalo Clover. If you have any idea what they are, feel free to comment. All I know is they are gorgeous.

Buffalo Clover

Pretty and they smell so good!

Pretty yellow flowers plus some weeds. These didn't smell quite as good as the purple ones.

While I was running around taking pictures of flowers, the boys built a barn. I guess they were a little productive too.

Barn Building

The boys building a new barn.


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