Family Christmas… in February

This post is incredibly late, but my goal for the next few weeks is catching up on my blogging. Believe me I have lots of photos backed up!

At the beginning of February (yes, I’m aware that it is April) my Dad’s side of the family finally got together for our Christmas celebration. Because my parents are traveling the country building wind turbines, it is hard to get everyone in the same place for a holiday gathering. So this year we decided to postpone Christmas until everyone could be together in a central location. That central location turned out to be our house.

Willie, Deidra and I... I'm surprised we stood still long enough to take this picture!

When we bought the new house, I always envisioned large family gatherings filled with food and laughter, just like at my grandmother’s home. I just didn’t envision it quite so early in my lifetime! None the less, Dustin and I volunteered our house to accommodate my family of around 20 people for the day.

If you know me very well, you know that I’m not exactly a gourmet cook and my cooking is often unorganized. I have a serious problem mastering the art of having everything ready at the same time. In fact, I don’t think that has ever actually happened at my house. On top of my lack of culinary skills, I had the master of all family gatherings to live up to here! My Amby has always managed to have everything exactly as it was supposed to be for any family get together, so I was a little freaked out.

I relied on my trusty crock pot for dinner on Friday night, which turned out pretty good. I made chicken taco chili from one of my favorite blogs, Skinny Taste. Everyone loved it! My sister, brother-in-law and their boys came in Friday night, along with my dad and step-mom, Angie. Since my brother lives in town, he just showed up for supper and went back to his nice quiet apartment when bedtime came around. Wimp.

One thing about my nephews is that they are incredibly entertaining and full of energy. They also like to color, which was awesome because I LOVE TO COLOR! I do not however like to get up early, the boys and I differ in our opinions of waking at the crack of dawn. Fortunately Paps (my dad) got up and took them to get doughnuts at 7 a.m. They loved watching doughnuts being made at Krispy Kreme and wore their paper hats most of the day. I can’t say I blame them, those hats are cool!

The boys clearing the snow off my sidewalk.

My cousin Macy lives in Boston and couldn't make it down to Texas, so we skyped her in to be a part of the get-together!

Once everyone arrived on Saturday we had grilled pork loin, mac and cheese (made from scratch, just like Amby and Granny do it) grilled vegetables, rolls (not made from scratch because I’m not that good of a cook) and Amby’s cake and pie for dessert. It all turned out wonderful and I’m so thankful my darling husband saved the day with his incredible grilling skills. I’m a lucky girl.

The weather was pretty cold and windy so most of our activities had to be inside. We managed to find plenty to do, but still would  have been more fun if the weather had cooperated. It didn’t seem to phase the boys much, they still wanted to play outside. From their perspective I think the best part was the snow we received on Sunday just before they went home. They loved it and even tried cleared my front porch! Rylan discovered a rake is not the best tool for clearing snow. I’ll have to have them back when I have weeds to pull… note to self.

I was scared to death to begin with, but the weekend turned out perfect. Everyone enjoyed the food and the company. I still don’t think I lived up to the example set by my grandmothers, but I understand it takes decades of practice to master the art. Hopefully I get better at in the next few years rather than decades! We had a blast and I was so blessed to have my whole family in my house for Christmas… in February.

Just as I had envisioned there was chatter, laughter, and fellowship of my whole family in my very own home. Four generations to be exact. I have to admit I stood aside several times and watched, just to appreciate that moment. Only one word could describe it: blessed.

The Whole Gang

The original Davidson crew with a few new additions!



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