The Great Crash of 2011

A couple of weeks before Christmas my trusty HP laptop, who has served as my dear friend for almost three years now, crashed. It was a very sad day in our house, but I was hopeful that maybe it could be fixed and my files salvaged. No such luck. For future reference, we have all heard of the “blue screen of death” and its apparent doom to a computer and its contents. Considering that I have been working with computers since I was in the first grade, you’d think I would understand them more intricately. I know now that the “blinking cursor of death” is worse than the “blue screen of death.” So, all deathly computer references aside, my trusty HP has gone to a better place and taken all of my photos and files with it. I was inconsolable for a little while, but picked myself up and decided to move on.

This is the newest addition to my family.

I'm still thinking of a name for her.

Yep, she’s beautiful. Sleek, small, bright and fast. Everything I’ve ever dreamed of in a computer. I think we will be very happy together, but in the mean time, I’ll be working on updating all of my software since I now have to get Mac compatible software. Stay tuned, I have some wonderful updates to post soon!

Hello gorgeous!


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