Here goes nothing…

I have been reading blogs for about two years now. I have several favorites, but the fact remains that I just read others thoughts rather than recording my own. So, here goes nothing… my very own blog!

Notes from Nottingham seemed an appropriate title since my husband and I have recently achieved the goal of buying our first home. After almost a month of constant web searches and driving all over town looking at house after house, we finally found our home. It just happened to be a new build on Nottingham Ave. 


Home sweet home!

So if you noticed there is no yard or fence, yes, you’re right those elements are definitely missing. That is part of the great “deal” we got… I think. So in the coming weeks/months we will be pouring concrete to extend our patio, building a fence, decorating, planting trees, and eventually landscaping. Later on maybe adding some new elements to the inside. This should be fun.

One thing you should know about me is that I love a good project. Even projects I know nothing about and believe me concrete is something I know absolutely nothing about. However, I was blessed to marry a man who has worked in the construction industry for more than 10 years. So this week I learned to build concrete forms.

Concrete forms

Extending the patio.

Yep, concrete forms were my first lesson in home improvement. We bought lumber and built these forms in an evening with the help of a nifty laser leveler. I’m sure our neighbors think we are rednecks deluxe, but that’s not a new concept. I’ll post more when we get concrete poured.

 Thus begins the adventure of making our new house into the home we dreamed of. I’ll be covering much more than our home improvements in this blog, so follow along with our adventures on Nottingham Ave. Cheers!



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